A TIME TO FIGHT By Robert D. Anderson
A TIME TO FIGHT by Robert D. Anderson

A TIME TO FIGHT LIVING AND REMEMBERING WWII by Robert D. Anderson is my new book and released 30 April 2019 by Unicorn Publishing. I am so excited I can’t tell you and just wanted you guys to know a little about my book before it’s worldwide release.

As World War II recedes into history, and the generation that fought it slowly leaves us. Photographer Robert D. Anderson has embarked on an incredible project of commemoration. The portraits featured in A Time to Fight present contemporary images of World War II. Veterans alongside actors who participate in historical reenactments of the major events of the war. Featuring soldiers who were involved in major operations like Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain, D-Day, the Battle of the Bulge, and more.

The book reveals the personal stories of the war, as veterans share their memories of their experiences. This book is an unforgettable document of a time when the world was in the balance. A TIME TO FIGHT is a fitting appreciation of a generation.

The project took three years to complete. Galleries, an exhibition, a book and workshops are all planned – more details to follow. Over the next few weeks leading up to the release date more about the book will be posted here – including: photographs from the book, behind the scenes images, video interviews and a few other surprises. As a thank you for all who buy the book – please read on.

The young and old face each other, battling over the past.

–Rick Warden, Band of Brothers´╗┐

The excellent individual photographs, accompanied by their personal stories, provide a fascinating record. A book to treasure for posterity.

–Neil Barber, Author

In the next decade or so the memories of those that fought will disappear from living memory. A Time To Fight captures beautifully a snapshot of some of those memories.

–James Deegan MC Former SAS RSM and Author

As a big thank you I would like to give everyone who buys the book from the below link a Free audio cast – 16m 55sec featuring some of the veterans involved in the book.

To pre-order click here

By using the above link and emailing a screenshot of your receipt to contact@rdaphotography.com – you will receive by email a download link for the audio cast via the website server WeTransfer – ABSOLUTLY FREE as a thank you.The audio podcast runs for 16m 55sec full of interviews that were conducted with the veterans involved in the book. This is a gift from me to you for purchasing A TIME TO FIGHT – THANK YOU.

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