Go Pro Hero 4 Silver: Accident

Go Pro Hero 4 Silver: Accident

Accident: Go Pro Hero 4 Silver – A action cam that I always have with me, it’s perfect for all my ‘Behind The Scenes’ footage. So whilst on a break… to the States – it had a small accident… well a big accident. After inserting the SD Card I put the Go Pro Hero 4 Silver in the waterproof housing only to find the card was not in the camera fully – so snap! Half stuck in camera and half in my hand.





Go Pro Hero 4 Silver by the sea  Go Pro SD Card

I made the trip to a local store to buy the instruments for the internal operation: and Hey Presto!!! Broken completely. SD Card Bay damaged and the ribbon connector to the motherboard, which means no power and a call for an insurance claim and a first for me which made me nervous.

go-pro-broken-bottom-inside  go-pro-broken-cu-lens

Looking back it was the best thing that could of happened! The new Go Pro Hero 5 Black has just been announced and so will do a review soon as I now intend to get a hold of one – Hey Presto! It worked out fine in the end.

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