Church Font ACE AWARDS

Church Font ACE AWARDS

I was commissioned by St. Anne’s to photograph their new Church Font to be entered into the ACE Awards for Art in a Religious Context. St. Anne’s is a wonderful church which sits on Kew Green in west London by the banks of the river Thames and it’s neighbour Kew Gardens which all adds to a marvellous setting. I was lucky enough to document this stone masterpiece being built from one block of stone in Portland, Dorset to feature in my latest photography book – St. Anne’s 300th Year in Pictures.

Church font interior

St. Anne's Font runway lights  St. Anne's Font and shadow Black and White font

The first of two instructions on the brief was to emphasise the shape of the church font, echoing the white tracery of the Kempe window behind the alter. So I set up one flash behind the alter facing toward the window, second flash just out of shot behind the church font and the third on my right with a Flash bender grid to create a soft but detailed light onto the font. It worked, and was a fairly relative easy and quick set-up to get this shot – just a few tweaks with the flashes to create the perfect balance – then changed the lighting for a few more shots.

Font Angel

Kew Church wide shot interior

Click on the video to give you an insight into the days shoot.