Portrait by the Thames

Portrait by the Thames

I was lucky enough to be asked to take some ‘Hollywood’ images ‘Portrait by the Thames’ for a young aspiring model from London a few days ago. The weather right now in London is really good and as I live in Kew, I asked Joyce Djae Lou to travel to Kew for some great shots on the banks of the river Thames. I run past a small tunnel in the bridge that takes the trains to and from London over the river everyday, perfect in all weathers. I always shoot with off camera flash, and this time was no different two flash, with one tucked behind the model’s legs to brighten up the walls of the tunnel.

Portrait model in tunnel arms out

Model on seat by the river thames

Model on seat with light set-up

I love to use soft boxes to diffuse the harsh light that comes from a small flash, but on this occasion I needed to take off the diffusion as the bright sun was… well too bright and so I needed more ‘power’ to counter balance. The sand bags are very heavy but needed to weigh down the tripods from wind and DOGS, it’s a great location for dog walkers along the path and they love to know whats going on!

Click on the video to give you an insight into the days shoot.