Sorry Nikon hello Sony

Sorry Nikon hello Sony

Months of research and a ‘Frank Doorhof workshop’ I have finally made the switch from Nikon to Sony!!!!!!

Sorry Nikon hello Sony – I have been shooting on a Nikon D7000 which has a cropped sensor which is ok, but I needed to take it up a notch which meant a full frame, and that makes a big dent in your pocket. After a workshop with Frank Doorhof (who uses the Sony A7) I decided to take a look and I liked what I saw:

  • Full frame sensor
  • 24.3MP resolution
  • Smaller and lighter body
  • Electronic viewfinder
  • Tilting screen
  • Wi-fi connection – download Sony camera apps
  • Ability to use any lens

I was convinced, I sold, boxed and shipped all my Nikon gear including my 24-70 f2.8 and 70-200 f2.8 which was a sad day, was I doing the right thing – it was like a break-up – but I knew in my mind this was the right thing to do – I was going to a better place… and it was…

nikon D7000

nikon D3100

Selling my Nikon Gear for Sony

Sony A7 and lenses

SONY – a new life, I was stepping into the world of the Mirrorless System which is jam-packed with the latest technology, sorry Nikon you are lagging behind.

My first official shoot was in Paris and I LOVED IT! I love long exposure shots and with the Sony I felt like I was cheating – having the electronic viewfinder you can see the changes in the screen before you even take the shot – this saved me lots of time. The quality of the final results was way more than I imagined, I will post a few shots on my next blog, until then I’m off to have more fun with my Sony A7!!! Sorry Nikon hello Sony.